An artistic specialization with prestigious teachers like Anibal Crarreño, Felipe Noé, has been one of the virtues that Mabel Stivaletta is introduced in our lives. She is an artist that can express the pictorial reality with a strong visual impact through a language that express definition.

In her work art “Se viene la tormenta”, shows the plastic characteristics that defines her inside the gestural painting.


The abstract expressionism, with its highest definitions, has shown the state of her soul. With her brush she describes an image of clear resolution over the visual camp. Clouds, sea, beach, a synthesis of nature that cannot be think about, but must be perceive.


In this creation, the color, the substance and the gesture are part of a totality. The practice of painting in order to describe a sensitive world must be a translation of the visible and invisible things. Here it is the world where Mabel Stivaletta can show the interior reality.

Rosa Faccaro


The unpredictable things of the soul can be a source of inspiration; this has been confirmed by many important people in the History of Art.


Mabel is part of this school thanks to her unique style and has been privilege because she was able to express a whole world of sensations and experiences in one painting.

The title the artist gave to the painting makes us feel a deep Christianity that even though is an abstract painting we do not lose this emotive sense. And these feelings towards the painting are not because it has been constructed visually by the mysteries of the Cross, but by the way that Mabel put these symbols which had marked the humanity in a material and spiritual way.

The Cross is the mayor symbol that is in charge of the destiny of the believers and of the unconditional love of God towards them.


In the artistic area, all these symbols are really beautiful and full of joy and hope towards everyone that who not only watches them for a while but tries to understand them.


César Magrini





The painting “Desnudo avanzado” is of fast resolution, using a mix technique that gives us an impression of a poetic skin between its lines.

The creation of an imaginary feminine dermis surprise us by the strong presence of limbs in “contrapposto”, Italian term designed for the harmonic opposition of different parts of the body in Greek sculptures.

Mabel gives us the idea of movement by leaning on the right sole in all the extension and lifting the opposite foot off the floor. By doing this, the figure show us a duality present in all the history of art, like it was shown by Policleto in “Doríforo” or Miguel Ángel in “David”.

The coexistence of an active and a contemplative life is the artistic search that unifies the sole. Is neither casual that the darkest color of the figure was used in the uterine zone, giving the idea of maternity. 

The blood is shown by the technique of “dripping”, an unpredictable meeting with food, something essential for the life and the death to equal their possibilities. 


Julio Sapollnik






"ESTACION DE BELGRANO" is a composition controlled by spots of pure colours and expressive black lines forming different figures. All these things are in the painting with the same spontaneity and happiness of the childish drawings, which seems easy to imitate, but that only convinces the spectator when it is done with an authentic and spiritual talent.   

Touched with an intimate vision, irradiating pleasure and desire to live, the painting of Mabel Stivaletta gives us a translucent and playful impression.

From the first visual impact, this painting gives us the impression that we are in a world of dances and laughs that can only be in a party with guest whose only preoccupation is to make our souls bigger. 


Daniel Pérez



Mabel Rosario Stivaletta. Creator of a wide trajectory, not only in teaching but also in artistic productions.



The inhabitants of the mythican and bohemian neightbourhood, integrates the group of talented that gives and gave us “La República de la Boca”.

Stivaletta surprise us by her ability with figures and colors, showing with total liberty different themes like family, childhood, memories and angels through lines that gives form and sense to simple spots.
The line defines and directs objects, cloths and bodies in her work arts.


This artists converts casual forms into excellent things surprising the spectator with what is been shown, like an spiritual call. Organic appearances are in contrast of flat or modulated. The spot, which is express with minimum things, shows a world of sensitiveness and communication.


Lic. Prof. Martina Pennella


Mabel Rosario Stivaletta | Artista plástica | Pintura